Saturday 14 July 2012

Orange and Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

I saw these really pretty cupcakes a while a go and thought the flavour combination sounded yummy. I was right!

These are nice and fresh. The creamy vanilla beans perfectly goes with the tangy orange.


You can find the recipe over at Annie's Eats here.

You know how much I love easy and effective cupcake toppers and I especially like ones you can eat. As you can see I candied some oranges for this recipes. This was the first time I have candied anything (I'm sure I say that in every post) it was surprisingly easy. Annie details exactly how to do it in her post. I used a whole orange and had to cut the pieces in to quarters. Annie candied a smaller tangerine so one ring covered the cupcake - In future I would go with this idea but I only had oranges, it's so much cuter to have a whole slice. 

This is my entry for Tea Time Treats this month. The theme is Summer Fairs & Fetes and Cake Stall Cakes and Bakes and it's being hosted by the lovely Karen from Lavender and Lovage. Sadly I have no summer fair to sell these at (really wish more were held in London!) but I think they would be a fab treat if I did!

I don't mean to sound so English but the weather really is awful here! I just got back from Malta and it was beautiful. I can't recommend it enough for everyone, all ages and interests! I yhought I'd share some holiday snaps (possibly too many but it was hard to choose) with you, just to remind us UKer's that the sun does exist! 

Happy Baking x


  1. What pretty cupcakes.
    Love your Malta shots too- Mr CC and I have considered that for a holiday venue

  2. Ah sun, what does that look and feel like again? Hehe.

    I love how fresh and summery the cupcakes are. Very pretty with the candied orange on top.

  3. Thanks very much Cake Crusader - I used my new Ateco piping tips that I love. Malta is definately worth a trip but I would avoid July and August as it can get as hot as 40 (unless you like that of course!)

    Jo - Thanks. I know I miss the sun too!

  4. Mmmm yummy, I love orangey cakes, will have to try these for sure. I'm drooling over your holiday snaps, am craving some sun now! Look forward to seeing your earl grey cupcakes too :)

  5. Your cupcakes look so elegant and sound delicious too. I know so little about Malta, so it was good to see your photos. At least you got some sun - it would have been nice if you'd brought it back with you though ;-)

  6. SO sorry I am late replying! I was repying via the linky on the post and have just checked my mail box now! LOVELY entry thanks! LOVE it for Tea Time Treats! Karen


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