About me

Hello lovely readers

My obsession with baking is inspired by making people happy and the easiest way is definitely with cake! Cake is always the best way to make an occasion extra wonderful. I used to bake with my mum when I was little but only for special occasions, so I associate baking with excitement and times with family and friends.

I started baking frequently a few years ago. My favourite part is combining different flavours and licking the bowl! I started this blog to share recipes and log my baking journey. I am learning more as I bake and happy for any comments or tips back. I hope my recipes give you some ideas to try.

I live in London in a lovely flat but the kitchen isn't huge so I don't have room for fancy mixers and lots of baking equipment. My recipes are made using the basics most people will have in their kitchen. So give it a try!

Let me know if you try any of my recipes or just enjoy reading about them. I really appreciate your comments and tips. Happy baking!