Tuesday 13 September 2011

Blueberry and Lemon Cupcakes

Yay, another excuse to make more cupcakes! So I only have time to make once batch of cupcakes this week so thought I would cheat and post some cupcakes I made a few weeks ago.

I volunteered at a charity for a few months and made these to say goodbye. I just googled blueberry and lemon cupcakes and found this great blog Mia-s Bakehouse. I was inspired by the yummy flavours. Rich blueberry and tangy lemon is a great combo! The icing recipe is from Whoopie Pies by Sarah Billingham and Amy Treadwell. The mascarpone makes the frosting creamy and delicious and easy to pipe. I topped them with a blueberry and sprinkles.

I piped a swirl on the top of the cupcake with a Wilton 1M star tip. Here is a useful video to help with piping a swirl. This is by Cookie Girl, from the EAT ME book. There are four different piping styles on this one.

Vanilla Sponge
Once again the sponge recipe is from JoyofBaking. I used the lemon zest this time as the cakes are lemon. This recipe makes 11/12 muffin size cakes so I usually make one and a half the recipe so I can take 12 to whoever I'm given them to and keep some for me and the boy!

Blueberry filling
150g blueberries
2 tbsp sugar

Lemon Mascarpone Frosting
375g Icing sugar
113g Mascarpone cheese (room temp)
43g unsalted  butter (room temp)
zest of one lemon
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
  1. Take the butter and mascarpone out of the fridge so it's room temp.
  2. Whilst the cakes are baking put the blueberries and sugar in a small pan and simmer. Wait until the blueberries start to burst, give them a helping hand by stirring and crushing. Simmer for 5 mins until it is puree like and leave aside to cool.
  3. Using and electric whisk, whisk together the butter and mascarpone.
  4. Whisk in the icing sugar, lemon zest and lemon juice. Leave to the side.
  5. When the cakes are cool, using an apple corer or sharp knife make a well in each cupcake. Fill with blueberry filling, roughly two teaspoons. 
  6. Top with a swirl of Lemon Mascarpone Frosting. Delicious! 


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