Thursday 6 October 2011

Toblerone Cupcakes

Great British Bake off is over...........sob.

For some reason I missed the other series and people kept mentioning it to me. I snuggled down to watch the first episode and was absolutely hooked. I had a pen a paper at the ready to write down tips and recipe ideas, loved it! I was always on the edge of my seat and just like Whatkatebaked, the boy always knew he was cooking and being quiet the whole episode!

As I watched the last episode with super excitement but also a bit of sadness I followed them along by making some Toblerone cupcakes.

I looked around and found a lot of chocolate cakes with Toblerone but I wanted to try something different. The key ingredients to Toblerone are almond and honey. So I wanted to make a cake with ground almond and a honey icing.


Can be found here:
I substituted the chocolate for Toblerone - It's a bit tricky to grate but you can do it :)


250g icing sugar
225g butter ( I know it seems like a lot but it taste yummy, I promise)
2 tablespoons honey

Cream together the icing sugar and butter with an electric whisk.
Whisk in the honey, whisk for 5 minutes until beautifully fluffy!

I also think this cake would go really well with chocolate butter cream as the cake isn't that chocolatey.

I took this in to work for my lovely team. We are going through an "uncertain" time at work at the moment and I hope it cheered them all up.


  1. these look so good I love toblerone, I love how you incorporated the main ingredients too. I'm sad it's over too!

    Nom! x

  2. Oh boy do these look good. I really need to practice my piping now I have some lovely big nozzles.

  3. Yes, sad too about GBBO being over. But love the look of your cupcakes and the toblerone flavour sounds really good.

  4. I love toblerone, I love cupcakes -I'm so making these!

  5. O Wow.. What a glorious cake!! You got me on
    Tobelrone flavor and it looks stunning too..

  6. I love Toblerone too. You could do so many combinations with Toblerone - I might have to make some more!


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