Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween - Spiced Pear Cupcake Fun!

I came home today, turned the light on and the fire alarm had fallen off the ceiling and smashed... bit strange but anyway............

move in to the living room and ALL the paintings have fallen off the walls..............

a coincidence or super creepy?? I'm going with creepy! 

I rang the boy, no answer so I ring my dad (obviously!) he says very strange but is concentrating on all the "trick or treaters" knocking at his door. I can hear them giggling and growling and it cheers me up! 

If there is a ghost living in my house I'm sure he or she is nice so, obviously over my scare, I potter off to make a Halloween chilli soup with sweet potatoes (which incidentally is yummy!).

Last Friday, after work, I ran a little Halloween cupcake decorating class. I modelled a spider, a cobweb, a ghost and a mummy. Then I let the team loose on the sweets, icing, squeezy tubes, piping bags and sprinkles. They either had a go at the ones I made or let their imagination run wild, and wild it ran!

 Here we are with all the goodies, concentrating hard!

My super quick mummy, ghost and spider (who has lost two legs)

The lovely Ros with her ghost, her son Montel would be proud!

Charlotte with her spider in a web!

My favourite! Super cute scary spider by Kinnery.

Colourful cobweb by Nicola

 Creative Diana with her grave and a dead hand sticking out.

Squished frogs by Catherine

I'm slightly speechless at this one!

It was a lot of fun and I hope the team enjoyed it!

The cupcakes underneath are spiced pear, I thought this was a nice autumnal recipe for Halloween cupcakes. They were moist yet fluffy (which is tricky to get), definitely a repeat recipe, I highly recommend them with a cream cheese icing. 

Spiced Pear Cupcakes


  1. Fortunately, I haven't had anything creepy happen around my apartment this season ::crosses fingers:: Those cupcakes are adorable - I think my favorite as the last one because I keep imagining different ways to eat it :)

  2. Wow, I'd go with creepy too! With the Halloween mood and with all these happening around you, it makes sense to go with CREEPY!:p
    Love the creative cakes and the decor; they are just so festive! Salutes the master! :D

  3. Love the piccies, especially the erm rather strange yet captivating last image...

    Spiced pear cake sounds so good!

  4. Had so much fun getting creative with cupcakes! Thanks very much Cake Fairy, you are a motivational teacher and an inspiration to us all! p.s. Since we last met, I have made chocolate cupcakes and rice crispy cakes with my 2 year old daughter! Lots of fun and look ok, don't taste anywhere near as good as yours though! x


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