Wednesday 29 August 2012

Olympic Days and Cakes

I haven't posted for ages! I wanted to do lots of Olympic baking and post it along the way but, too be honest, I got so excited about the Olympics I didn't really do anything else!

This post is a little taster of all the Olympic-cy things I did over the two weeks. 

The first exciting thing that happened was that I was suprised with some standing tickets for the Olympic Opening Ceremony at 4pm on the day! Cue an absolutely huge rush to get there in time. We pretty much ran from 4pm until 7pm and then stood up until 3am! I had a huge blister on the ball of my foot but it was worth it! 

The whole evening was so fantastic, the atmosphere was great. I just love the Olympics so I was so glad to be there and be a part of it.

If the photo was clearer you could see me at the front on the edge of the hill just in the bottom right hand side of this picture in the standing pit.
I made a Team GB cake for the day of the opening ceremony. It was a lemon cake filled with lemon curd with a lemon buttercream. I decorated it with blueberries and red and white icing to make a Union Jack.

I also coloured each layer red and blue so that when you cut it to it you would get a red, blue, and white pattern. Alas it was not to be, just after I took this picture I dropped it face down on the floor! I think I tweeted that I hope it wasn't a sign of how Team GB would perform but luckily it wasn't!

This is a slice in my hand post smashing, just to show you the colours!

I am entering this cake into Lottie's Bake Off Challenge over at Lottie's World of Cakes and Bakes after she kindly agreed even thought I dropped in on the floor!

I was a little bit heart broken, I won't lie, but I had had a couple of glasses of Champagne and it was Friday the next day so I took it better than expected. The boy spent all evening staring at me expecting me to have a melt down!

I went to see the swimming at the Aquatics Centre on the first morning and I screamed my little head off for Rebecca Addlington. The noise of everybody was incredible! All the spectators were cheering for every country and whooping for all the athletes. It was just lovely.

I bought these patriotic shoes at the request of my 5 year old nephew and I wore them to support Team GB!

I wore my fancy new shoes with a Union Jack T shirt to the Athletics. I waved my flag and whooped for Mo Farah in the qualifier for the men’s 5000m.

I watched him win the 5000m at a screen near Tower Bridge. How beautiful is this?

I then made these cupcakes for the Closing Ceremony and a friend’s birthday.

They are a Spiced Raspberry Low Carb Cupcake!

Too be honest I hate making diet cakes and I only made them because she is a special friend, but they actually turned out pretty well considering they had no flour and no sugar! I just feel if you're going to eat a cake then do it properly - full fat all the way baby!

I made the toppers with fondant icing cut out with a circular cutter. I sprayed the medals with a gold spray and used the squeezey writing tubes to pipe the 1 and rings. This is the first time I've made any toppers like this. They were really fun to make and look effective I think.

We watched the closing ceremony in one of the host boroughs, Waltham Forest, on their big screen. We had a delicious picnic and got the most excited when the spice girls came on. I haven't sung any of their songs for years and was surprised that I knew every word to the rap!

What a great two weeks, London did us proud I think. I think I welled up pretty much all week but especially about the volunteers. How fab was it that theygave up their time just to make it a success!

I hope you all had a lovely Olympic experience. Did you manage to see any of the events? Were you a sports hater who was turned in all the excitement?

Bring on the Paralympics!


  1. Great post, and how lucky are you to have bagged opening ceremony tickets aswell! Love your shoes - I bought some similar ones from Next :) Cannot believe you dropped that beautiful cake on the floor (sorry to rub it in!) - I would have pitched a fit! I really like how you've done the red bit in swirls. I enjoyed the Olympics and as a result have signed up to do an 'archery and air rifle' experience in a couple of week's time! Maybe you'll see me in Rio...!

    1. That's so exciting. Let me know how it goes!I had hoped that I would be inspired to do something but unfortunately not :)

  2. Wow - your union jack cake is awesome. I've seen lots where fruit is used to make the flag, but not piping like yours - awesome!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm going to make it again and this time eat it!

  3. Your team Gb cake is fantastic, I am so envious of your bakign and piping skills.

    1. Thanks very much! I've been practising piping for a long time. Believe me, I was pretty awful when I started!

  4. The Olympics were so amazing. I never got tired of it. But your cake with the Union Jack looks so fab! So sorry to hear what happened right after the pic. Still, an excellent cake!!


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