Tuesday 29 May 2012

Chocolate Oreo Cake - United Bakes of America

My first Oreo cake finally!

Double layer moist chocolate cake filled with Oreo cream cheese buttercream...Yum!

I made a chocolate cake and substituted some on the cocoa for ground up oreos. You couldn't taste the oreo that well in the cake so in hindsight I would just roughly break up the oreos and stir them in to the batter to get the crunch of the oreos.

I am not going to give a recipe for a chocolate cake as I know we all have our fav moist recipe, just  chuck in some ground up Oreo's.

The icing is used was an Oreo cream cheese buttercream. Loved it! Cream cheese icing is so creamy a light, a great combo with the choc cake. I got the recipe from Cupcake Crazy Gem. All in all lovely cake and super easy to make.

Speaking of Cupcake Crazy Gem, I am entering this cake for Cupcake Crazy Gems United Bakes of America Challenge.

Next challenge I will branch out a bit, but I really wanted to try an Oreo cake and what better chance!

Happy Baking all x


  1. Yummy, I bet it was worth the wait. Cream cheese icing is hard to beat. I bought a packet of oreos last week to bake with for the first time, but I've eaten all but two biscuits. I'm afraid I have no self control!

  2. I'm a huge oreo fan, even if I do live in Australia:) I'll have to give this cake a go. It looks like one giant oreo. Yum.

  3. Yum! You cannot beat an Oreo cake, I would so have loved a slice of that - look at that full on Oreo frosting - so glad you enjoyed it, it is one of my very favourite frostings! Thanks for entering UBA - cannot wait to see what you bake up next month!


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