Tuesday 13 December 2011

Tea Time Treats - Cranberry and Apple Mince Pies

Now I don't feel like I'm keeping up a truly festive blog but rest assured I have been baking away I just haven't had a chance to post it!

Christmas treat number 1:

I'm not a huge fan of mince pies.....I'm sorry to say it but I'm not. So this year I decided, to not miss out on the ultimate christmassy treat, I'd make some I would like.

I originally thought something cinamonny and chocolately, then realised I was just thinking about a mini chocolate tart (as yummy as that would be, it wasn't what I wanted)......back to the drawing board.

Fruits I like (that I can think of):

Fruits that are Christmassy:

Little bit of googling later I found this recipe from nigella.

I added 180g dried cranberries instead of the currents, raisins and just 30g cranberries.

The mincemeat came out beautifully red and tasted delicious! Yay for me enjoying a christmas treat.

I popped them in to some pastry cases following this recipe. The pastry was yummy. I used a circular cutter to make the base of my pies rather than pressing a ball of pastry like the recipe suggested, I just think this is much easier. I used my new holly leaf cutter for the topping.

 My tree!

This is my entry for Tea Time Treats run by Kate, and Karen from Lavender and Lovage. This month is hosted by the lovely Kate from Whatkatebaked and it's Christmas themed.


  1. Thank you ever so much for your yummy entry! I do love a mince pie and this is such a great variation on a Christmas classic!

  2. THANKS so much for a GREAT entry....I LOVE the holy leaves on the top of these pies and the FRUITS too! Thanks for entering into the FESTIVE FUN with Tea Time Treats!

  3. Your mince pies are lovely. I love the addition of cranberries.

  4. At least you managed to get a tree up :) I have yet to get mine up. And the only think I've baked for Xmas so far are a few sugar cookies. And BTW, your mince pies are adorable :)

  5. These sound delicious and a lovely festive colour they have too.


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