Thursday 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Pecan Pie

Happy Thanksgiving y'all

As you've probably noticed I am English but something I don't think I have shared is that my mum is American. We used to celebrate 4th July when I was younger but haven't for a few years and as my mum doesn't really enjoy cooking she hasn't gone in for Thanksgiving.

This year I decided I wanted to have another excuse to eat yummy food celebrate my other roots!

My Thanksgiving menu

Deviled eggs

Goose with cocoa and apple

Green bean casserole (I added mushrooms and a tbsp of soy sauce to this)
Sweet potato and nutmeg
Mash potato
Caramelised onion and leek stuffing (I added two leeks to this recipe and swapped the chives and thyme for fresh parsley)

Pecan Pie with clotted cream ice cream - The recipe can be found on here (I'm sorry there aren't more photos, I got distracted eating it)

I took a half day off at work and prepared the food before the boy got home and my parents came over. I had to carry the 6.5kg goose home from the butchers and it was heavy! It was fun making all the food but hard work and me and the boy will be eating goose for a long time. I had goose and mushroom risotto tonight ;o)

My mum sang a Thanksgiving song which was the highlight of the meal! Hope your having a lovely day with your family and loved ones.



  1. Wow I want to come to yours for dinner! :)

    Nom! x

  2. I love pecan pie - so rich and sweet and nutty. Your pie looks delicious


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