Friday 20 May 2011

Fondant Roses and Calla Lilies

This is my first attempt at modelling fondant icing! To make it easier I just bought the ready to roll stuff from the supermarket and coloured it by mixing in some food dye. I tried making Roses, Calla Lilles and one Carnation (although the Carnation wasn't great!).

Fondant is softer than gumpaste and doesn't get as hard but it tastes nice! If you put the flowers in the fridge they harden up nicely.

I watched some great videos on youtube to learn how to make them:

This one is by aine2 "How to make a miniature rose with fondant"

This one shows you how to make mini Calla Lilies by Sugariesweet.

When you work with fondant, sprinkle some corn flour on the surface to stop it sticking.  I found this great little tip, if you put some corn flour in to a knotted stocking it gives an even distribution when patted on a surface.

Usually I wouldn't make something like this as it is so fiddly but they are so pretty I gave it a go. I just made them after dinner in front of the tv and they don't take as long as you would think. I am going to invest in some cutters to speed up the process next time. I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. This is the kind of fiddly stuff I would never do (the few cakes I eat are cakes that don't require icing at all), but your flowers look beautiful and pretty impressive for a first-timer.


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